Dominika Keller, a botanical and portraiture artist, mother of three and compulsive gardener, living on a little bit of land in the beautiful Yarra Valley of south eastern Australia.  

Being inspired by many things including my garden, the way in which the plants in it change with age or with the seasons.  The random things I find in the street like leaves, sticks or insects, and the faces of people I love as well as those of strangers. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with how much inspiration is around me that I have to take a reality check, and remind myself that there is only so much humanly possible to accomplish in art, when you are also a full time mum to young children.

'A Garden for Pearl' is the garden I create with my art and is also the place I can play with my imagination and combine my passion for botanical illustration with my love of painting portraits.  

In memory of Pearl.