Juniper Echeveria 2016, Fine Art Print


Image of Juniper Echeveria 2016, Fine Art Print

The original watercolour study of this Echeveria secunda is part of a series of paintings of succulents from my garden. I am challenging myself to work on things other than flowers or portraits but have to admit that I chose this particular succulent because I think the leaves resemble flower petals!

This open edition print can be framed vertically or horizontally. It measures 210 x 148mm (or 148 x 210mm if you are framing it horizontally) and was printed on beautiful 310gsm cotton rag paper using archival pigment, by a gorgeous, small, fine art printing business in Melbourne.

I have personally signed each print. Please let me know in the comments when you checkout, if you are purchasing it as a horizontal or vertical print, so I can make sure my signature is in the right place!